Trainee recruitment is extremely important to us

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Trainee recruitment is the backbone of our business – the overwhelming majority of our partners joined the firm as trainees.

They chose us because we guarantee London-based training, we cover Scots Law Diploma in Professional Legal Practice fees, and we provide a challenging and fun environment where hard work is rewarded.

We chose them because we take on only the top graduates, and when we train the best, we want to keep hold of them.

  1. Who are we looking for?
  2. Why choose corporate law?
  3. Genuine London training

There is no typical Dickson Minto lawyer. You must have a Scottish law degree and a Scots Law Diploma in Professional Legal Practice – and of course excellent qualifications – but we're more interested in how you work. We want articulate team players with individual flair, people with an independence of mind who can think laterally to solve a client's challenges. We'll find this out at interview, but we won't grill you about points of law or put you through gruelling psychometric tests. We simply want to find out if we'd enjoy working together. Successful candidates will find out in just a few days.

We are completely focused on this area so can offer you highly specialist support during your training, but it is certainly not a narrow field. It is hugely stimulating and includes private equity, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and banking, to name just a few.

We are the only Scottish firm that guarantees a London experience. We have had a City office for over 30 years and all our corporate trainees spend at least six months there, with many spending a full year. We also provide free accommodation and return flights between London and Scotland.

Type of careers

We offer two different types of traineeships, one in corporate and one in commercial property. Both traineeships are designed to give you extensive legal experience while at the same time preparing you for a potential full-time position in our firm. Our student placements are the principal route into a traineeship with us.

  1. Student Placements
  2. Corporate Traineeship
  3. Commercial Property Traineeship
  4. Insight Evening
  5. Law Fairs 2020

Applications for our 2020 student placements have now closed. Applications for 2021 will open in May 2020.

Our placements are open to university students in their second or third year of a Scottish law degree or first year of a graduate LLB degree. For second year LLB honours students we offer a one week placement during the Easter break in our Edinburgh office. For third year LLB honours students and first year graduate LLB students we offer a three week placement during the Summer break in our Edinburgh office (with the possibility of a trip to our London office). We take these placements seriously so won't be leaving you to do basic administrative tasks. Instead you will gain real legal experience, often leading to a full traineeship.

Our website will be updated once the application process opens for our 2021 student placements.

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This experience includes placements in four seats over two years. You are paired with a different senior lawyer or partner every six months, giving you the opportunity to work on a range of business areas with a variety of clients. We can't guarantee a particular seat, but always take into consideration people's preferences and try to accommodate these whenever we can.

We are unique in the Scottish legal market in that we guarantee a minimum of six months in our London office with many of our trainees staying for a full year, so that you can gain indispensable City experience. We also provide free accommodation and travel.

We have finalised our recruitment process for traineeships commencing in September 2021. Applications for traineeships commencing in September 2022 will be invited in May 2020. Our website will be updated at that time to include details of how to apply.

Based in our Edinburgh office, you will be allocated four seats in different commercial property teams, each lasting six months. You will gain experience in both Scottish and English property law and its intersection with corporate, banking and restructuring transactions.

We have finalised our recruitment process for traineeships commencing in September 2021. Applications for traineeships commencing in September 2022 will be invited in May 2020. Our website will be updated at that time to include details of how to apply.

We hold an annual insight evening for students who are in their second year of a Scots law honours LLB or their first year of a Graduate LLB. Our next insight evening will be in 2020.

Our website will be updated to include details of how to apply.

We will be attending the university law fairs in September / October 2020, please do come along and see us there. Dates of all law fairs will be published on here once they are available.

Salary and benefits

At Dickson Minto hard work is well rewarded. We believe in looking after our trainees, and our 2018/19 salaries start at £28,000 for the first year, rising to £30,000 plus a discretionary performance-related bonus for the second year. We offer a generous benefits package and also pay full diploma fees for the Scottish Diploma in Legal and Professional Practice at the university of your choice.

The experience

Our training programme is one of the most highly regarded in the sector because we believe in giving people the complete experience. That means you will be fully involved in the work of the firm from day one, becoming an integral part of our team very quickly.

We recruit a select group of trainees so you will not be treated simply as a number.

Great teamwork is essential, which is why we want to make the environment as welcoming as possible. We have an open-door policy because working with us should be friendly and fun. We will also support you every step of the way, giving you continual feedback on your performance, with extended appraisals every six months.


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